Don't Let Debt Ruin Your Life.If you're receiving Social Security Or A Pension, We Can Help.



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HELPS is Nonprofit Law Firm.

We Represent Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons

Prepaid Debit Cards


Thousands of seniors helped

Can't Afford House Payments


Serving All 50 United States

How HELPS Protects Its Clients


We don't turn anyone away for inability to pay.

You Don't Have To Take Our Word For It.Testimonials From Our Clients About How HELPS Has Helped Them.

A Life Saver

Due to all of the circumstances that put me in debt, I was really desperate. I couldn't sleep well at night. I was worried. I saw ther commercial for HELPS and thought, "Man, this is a live saver." I signed up for their program and boy...was that a big relief. It still is.


HELPS Client

HELPS Really Takes The Burden Off

Once you have this, man, it's like somebody comes and lifts a burden off of you. The bill collectors will keep after you...but you go to HELPS, HELPS contacts them and they just go away after that. They know they can't harass you. You're at a disavantage when you owe money, because you don't know what to do. You just know that you owe the money and you can't pay it. But the attorneys at HELPS really take a burden off of you. Life becomes a lot different afterwards, a lot better.


HELPS Client

A Wonderful Difference

I believe in the HELPS program. It has made a wonderful difference in my life. If there are any senior citizens that are having a problem, by all means look into the HELPS program. It's a wonderful program and it will help you tremendously.


HELPS Client