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Do you have debt you can't afford to pay?

Are You Receiving Social Security, Pension or Disability Income?


HELPS is a nonprofit law firm and 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We serve senior citizens and disabled persons struggling with debt.

Call HELPS now to learn how your retirement income is protected by law and how we can help.

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What is HELPS?

Helps Nonprofit Law Firm is legal representation designed specifically to stop creditors from harassing our clients by phone or mail. HELPS is a 501(c)(3) law firm that represents seniors, retired and disabled persons in all 50 states in order to receive communications from debt collectors as described by the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. HELPS does not represent persons in court or provide legal advice but does educate senior citizens and disabled persons on their legal rights. If any of our clients need a local attorney, we will assist in obtaining an attorney willing to help them on a pro bono basis. HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm never turns down a qualified senior in need.

The History of HELPS

HELPS (Help Eliminate Legal Problems for Seniors and Disabled) was founded by Eric Olsen, senior partner of OlsenDaines, one of the largest consumer bankruptcy firms in the United States. Eric became an attorney in 1978 and helped thousands of people with financial problems during his nearly forty years of practice. In 2005, Congress passed the Bankruptcy Reform Act, making bankruptcy much more complicated and expensive. Knowing that seniors' income from Social Security benefits, retirement, disability and VA benefits had always been protected from collectors by law, Eric recognized that many seniors did not need to use their valuable funds on expensive and stressful bankruptcy filings.

But Eric also knew that debt collectors were often merciless. He understood that endless harassing calls and letters caused seniors to suffer terribly. Fortunately, as a bankruptcy attorney, Eric was very familiar with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – a federal law that protects consumers from debt collectors. He knew that debt collectors could not directly communicate with a person represented by an attorney. Rather, collectors had to deal directly with the attorney.

Consequently, he founded HELPS to provide seniors with an attorney who communicates with the collectors. Through this service, seniors have relief from collector harassment without the need to file an expensive and unneeded bankruptcy. HELPS was formed specifically to receive communication from collectors, and does not provide legal advice. However, HELPS does provide information to seniors about maintaining their financial independence and can assist persons working with seniors to understand seniors' financial rights. HELPS also can provide information and assistance regarding tax, student loan and housing issues.

As a nonprofit law firm, HELPS was designed to be extremely affordable and ultimately available to every eligible senior in need, regardless of ability to pay. To learn more, read “Lending a Hand,” in the Oregon State Bar Bulletin, which talks about Eric and the founding of HELPS.

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Peace of Mind
These HELPS clients were dealing with harassing debt collectors and anxiety over old Debt. HELPS provided a solution to their financial worries.